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About Us​

We specialize in the Breeding of classic tabby cats, silver black, silver blue, silver red, brown, blue, red, cream and tabby (tabby, white and non-white tabby cats) maine coon kittens for sale . Also, solid colors (black) or rarer shades / smoky colors are occasionally available. (Especially black smoke and black smoked tortoiseshell), some are white. We breed for the appearance of the wild (wild) Large bones, high ears, long lynx spots, thick fur, good health and good temperament

Our Mission

 At My Paws Maine Coon we focus on extraordinary health, timeless beauty, and wonderful temperament! We focus on the ‘high end’, suitable for those who want extreme luxury, experience and knowledge, appreciate the finer aspects of excellent breeding, and are willing to pay high prices for quality and health assurance.

maine coon cats for sale